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Your laundry is our care

Since our opening, we have built a successful partnership with a large number of loyal users, both individuals and legal entities. We are very pleased to be able to serve many small and large companies in Belgrade. Restaurants, hotels, apartments, party halls are some of our corporate clients. With our years of experience and the highest quality equipment and chemistry, we are the perfect choice to take care of your delicate and sensitive fabrics.


The Deal

One of the key things at our the company is agreement, it is the main foundation of our long-term cooperation

Picking Up and Delivery

Picking Up and Delivery is done according to your needs. At the agreed time we will come to take your laundry and return it to your address.


Like washing, drying is also very important. Not all fabrics are of the same material, so they cannot be treated the same. The instructions from the etiquette are followed and there is the experience of our workers.


Our laundry room is equipped with last generation machines. Only finest and best quality detergents, softeners, stain removers are used for washing .

Ironing And Packaging

We are using steamed irons and hot rollers . To keep everything beautifully ironed, a very important thing in this process is packing, to which we paid great attention. Finally, it is packaged in PVC packaging, which maintains the freshness of the laundry.


At the agreed time, the laundry will be at your address.

Our Clients

Look at the list of our satisfied clients


  • Šaran
  • Kovač
  • Stara kapetanija
  • Restoran Ž
  • Gladni vuk
  • Kesten
  • Kod kapetana
  • Reka
  • Diverso
  • Tri ribara


  • Diamond garden
  • Imperija king
  • Flamingo resort
  • Casabianca
  • Azzaro centar


  • Beauty by Masha
  • Thai massage a blok
  • Vila Akacija
  • I jos 30-tak apartmana sirom Beograda

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Phone: +381 (0)60 3942 413

Email: office@perionica.rs

Partizanske avijacije 73b, 1100 Beograd